The Pennsylvania Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (PBFAA) is a trade association that promotes the use of reliable electronic life safety and security systems.    “Welcome,” to the PBFAA website!



Business Seminar Sessions

8:00am - Managing Overwhelm 

Is a workshop that explains how to get better control of your time. It will discuss the different time vampires you that keep you from getting as many things done as you would like. You will receive helpful hints on how to better allocate your time and have it be more productive for you.


3:00pm - Customers Top Complaints When Dealing with Companies 

Is a workshop that discusses the top complaints that consumers have when dealing with companies. It is an awareness workshop, letting companies know what is generally important to their customers and prospects. It will offer suggestions as to how to possible improve those issues that are making people decide if they want to start or even continue to do business with you.



Bill Skinner is a senior business executive whose professional expertise in obtaining client success has guided sales teams and regional businesses to top profitability and overall higher performances. While working with Bill, businesses have achieved double digit sales increases and been able to increase team size because of their consequential growth. He has even led two cross functional teams through two company mergers.

Throughout his 26 years in corporate America, Bill’s approach to obtaining client success has always been to establish goals for the business and business owners, instituting the strategies to reach these goals, teaching how to implement those strategies when necessary, and finally holding the business and business owners accountable. Bill started out working his way to the top as a leading salesperson. He then transitioned from sales into the marketing arena, where he marketed top products in their perspective categories, worldwide. After great successes in sales and marketing, Bill shifted to the customer service and national accounts function just before moving into supply chain logistics. Here, he developed procedures to drive costs out of the supply chain process and increase overall profitability.

Driven by the desire to have his own business, Bill decided to leave and start his own consulting company in supply chain logistics. Through this endeavor, he soon came to the realization that his true passion was in teaching, advising, and coaching businesses, as opposed to consulting. He then joined one of the top business improvement organizations in the world. During his time with this organization, he won awards for having his clients reach outstanding results. Over 8 years ago, Bill teamed up with Rick Munson to launch Paramount Business Development, Inc. He has now been advising business owners for over 16 years in Northeast Pennsylvania by focusing on the results desired by the client and helping them get there.

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