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Sales Seminar Sessions

"Annual PBFAA Sales Boot Camp”

Individuals who attend BOTH Sales Boot Camp sessions will receive a 

personalized Sales Boot Camp attendance certificate suitable for framing...

Why do one or two of any local sales team always out produce the other team members in that office?

When I ask Sales Managers, “Who is your top producing salesperson?”   90% of the time the manager can tell me who that person is without giving the question a lot of thought. Whether the local office employs 5, 10, 20 or more salespeople, management usually identifies only a couple of salespeople whom achieve top results month after month.

My question is why? If the sales team in that office sells the same product to the same type people with the same selling price plan, how come one or two salespeople always outperform the rest?   These sessions will identify why the top producers are the top, and how the bottom half can increase production and perhaps win a month or two.

8:00am - Fundamentals to Sales Success - Part 1

Presented by: Louis Sepulveda C.P.P, Author of "Selling Security Systems Like a Pro"...

· Prospecting Skills – How to get salespeople in front of and presenting to more QUALIFIED prospects. Even the “World’s Best” salesperson cannot succeed without cultivating qualified prospects.

· Presentation Skills – A Professional sales presentation builds value and trust. Lou will discuss a how a professionally designed presentation builds value and highlights the benefits your prospects will enjoy by doing business with your company versus your competitors.


3:00pm - Fundamentals to Sales Success - Part 2

Presented by: Louis Sepulveda C.P.P, Author of "Selling Security Systems Like a Pro"...

· Asking Questions - Asking good relevant design questions designed to flush-out need for your system while at the same time raising the value of a system.

· Closing Skills – Your salespeople can do everything right and your company could be the best choice for the prospect however, unless your salesperson asks for the sale on every presentation and knows how to handle the most common objections, they will lose sales they should have made. Lou will demonstrate how salespeople can be masters of the “SOFT” close. They will learn how to deal with the most common/often heard objections in the alarm space.

About The Speaker:  Lou Sepulveda is a Certified Protection Professional (C.P.P.) certified by the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) Washington, DC. Certification # 2441, and has over 40 years of experience in the security alarm field. Lou owned his own successful security alarm sales, installation and U.L. monitoring business, as well as a full service security guard and patrol company, located in New Orleans.  

Lou is the author of - "The Formula for Selling Alarm Systems", “Surviving in the Security Alarm Business”, “Managing to Sell”, Gerencia de Ventas Effectiva, “Selling Security Systems Like A Pro”, “How to Manage A Security Sales Organization.”

"If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old."
―Peter F. Drucker


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