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Sales Seminar Sessions

"Annual PBFAA Sales Boot Camp”

Individuals who attend BOTH Sales Boot Camp sessions will receive a 

personalized Sales Boot Camp attendance certificate suitable for framing...


When you have a systematic approach to sales, you take control of it. Making sure that things happen in order, eliminates uncertainty. You know how far you’ve come and have an idea of what will happen next.

We’ll explore the importance of having a sales

process and the seven-steps to close more business.

Discover the basics of these 7-steps:

  • Building Bonding & Rapport
  • Setting Up-Front Contracts
  • Finding the Prospect's Pain
  • Uncovering Budget
  • Obtaining a Decision
  • Providing Fulfillment
  • Completing Post-Sell


Most salespeople hate prospecting for one of two reasons: They don't have a system, or the system they use doesn't work. If this sounds familiar, this session is for you.

Discover how to take the “dread” out of prospecting, cold calling, and asking for referrals.

Learn to effectively:

  • Get prospects to call you back
  • Navigate past gatekeepers & voicemail
  • Create a 30-second commercial customized to address the prospect’s challenges
  • Handle “put-offs” from your prospects
  • Develop questions that your competition would not ask
  • Ask for referrals & introductions without sounding pushy


John Whitehall is the owner of Sandler Training by Strategic Sales Training Solutions serving Wyomissing, Reading, and greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

For over 30 years, John managed, coached, and trained high performing sales teams. He continues to help sales professionals, business owners, and corporate leaders to implement proven sales & management processes that shorten sales cycles, increase revenue, and create a client-centric sales culture.

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