The Pennsylvania Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (PBFAA) is a trade association that promotes the use of reliable electronic life safety and security systems.    “Welcome,” to the PBFAA website!



Sales Seminar Sessions

May 22 @ 8:00am - How to Overcome Prospecting Mistakes

is a great talk and discussion about the errors committed by even the best Sales Professionals. 

We’ll cover topics like Dealing with Ego, Call Planning and how to use or not use Features and Benefits.

May 22 @ 3:00pm - Selling at Peak Performance

is a fun talk about Behavior, Attitude and Technique, the thee most important elements of success. 

Before we can be our best during a meeting or sales call, we must understand our Roles and Identities and how they impact each other and our behavior. 

About John Whitehall

John Whitehall is the owner of Sandler Training by Strategic Sales Training Solutions serving Wyomissing, Reading, and greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For over 30 years, John managed, coached, and trained high performing sales teams. He continues to help sales professionals, business owners, and corporate leaders to implement proven sales & management processes that shorten sales cycles, increase revenue, and create a client-centric sales culture.

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