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The Behavioral NEXUS

Recognizing the early warning signs of a potentially problematic or violent employee.

Presented by: 

Diana Sorrentino, Ph.D.

Director – Security & Intelligence Operations

Lehigh Valley Paladin, LLC

The Paladin organization routinely receives frantic telephone calls from new clients; “we have a situation with a problem employee and we do not know how to handle it”.

We meet with the client and ask: How long has the employee work for the company?

Answer: Five (5) years.

How long has the employee been a problem?

Answer: Five (5) years!

This is typical of Ninety (90%) percent of the cases with which we become involved.

Early onset and Chronic Behavioral issues, issues of Attitude and Performance problems exist for years without appropriate intervention until they have reached a point where management has no option but to terminate the individual.

With this program we will discuss and review the critical Triad of Behavioral Traits (Personality), Attitudes (Biases) and Interactions (Performance) with coworkers, supervisors and managers and how to recognize the early warning signs of this Triad and how the existence of these elements routinely leads to issues of workplace violence.

Early recognition with allow you to determine whether or not the onset of Behavioral problems, Attitude and Performance issues are a result of an Acute Personal Problem or are a Chronic State of Behavior for the employee.

Acute developments; with early intervention by management, almost always result in a positive outcome for the employee and the employer.

Chronic issues; left unchecked and/or ignored, typically lead to issues of workplace violence, aggression, intimidation, harassment and ultimately termination.

Be Prepared to Respond, and not have to React, to Behavior, Attitude & Performance Issues

About: Dianna Sorrentino, Ph.D.

Dr. Sorrentino; Lehigh Valley Paladin’ s Director of Security & Intelligence Operations, is a

Security and Intelligence professional with primary responsibilities in the areas of : Critical Incident

Management , Behavioral Analysis and Threat Assessment . Dr. Sorrentino is also a Licensed

Executive Protection Agent.

Her academic credentials include:

  • MBA in Finance
  • Masters in Sociology – Near Eastern Studies
  • Doctorate in Sociology – Middle East & Islamic Studies

The breadth and depth of her knowledge, experience, skills and resources are as

comprehensive as they are diverse. She has enjoyed an eclectic professional background with a

port folio of real world experiences and expertise which have been attained and enhanced through

the diversity of her career. This career, which encompasses a period of over 40+ years,

includes: service as an intelligence officer, researcher & analyst for the U.S. Military with

responsibilities for Middle Eastern & Southwest Asia studies, sociocultural and cross cultural

research & analysis and human terrain systems; as well as diversity in the workplace studies and

application and the integration and application of these concepts and systems into her corporate

client’s operations.

Dr. Sorrentino is also a regular contributor as a security consultant and on air personality

with WFMZ Channel 69 News and News Radio 790 WAEB in Allentown, Lehigh Valley,

Pennsylvania. Dr. Sorrentino also provides Behavioral Analysis, Threat Assessment and in-depth

interrogation services in the criminal defense cases as well as for the prosecution of capital

murder cases. Dr. Sorrentino has had numerous articles published in the Chief of Police Magazine;

as well as to have participated in the Homeland Security Forum at DeSales University contributing

content for the Undergraduate and Graduated Homeland Security programs.

In addition to her Advisory and Consulting Services; Dr. Sorrentino designs, develops,

implements and presents customized: Professional Development & Educational Programs; In-

Service Training & Continuing Education programs for Seminars & Symposiums. These programs;

addressing the critical areas where so much knowledge, understanding and comprehension is

lacking at the local and regional level, are designed, developed and presented for the diverse

clientele of the Lehigh Valley Paladin organization.

Dr. Sorrentino and the Lehigh Valley Paladin Team of Professionals are experts in the fields

of Workplace Violence Prevention & High Risk Terminations Management ; Active Shooter

Preparedness, Prevention, Response Protocols and Victim Initiated Mitigation Systems, as well as

the development and implementation of customized Educational & Professional Development

Seminars, Workshops and In-Service Training Programs.

Dr. Sorrentino and members of the Lehigh Valley Paladin team of professionals are

Licensed Executive Protection Agents providing Security & Intelligence Services; as well as Armed

Escort & Security Details, to corporate, organizational and individual clients.

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