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Networking Luncheon

Annual Awards

Keynote Presentation

Discovering Your Memory Power

Presented by: Matthew Goerke

The presentation is a fast paced, success oriented way to learn the basics of the “Memory Switch” system.

I address the competitive advantage that a trained memory can give both personally and professionally, and demonstrate what can be done with a trained memory.

The time period allows me to move quickly through the process of steps I have discovered make my system so unique.

They include a series of mental exercises and drills I do to stimulate and exercise the portion of the brain where memory takes place. The teaching of mnemonic devises, in this case starting with the oldest one we have evidence of.

The third aspect of the training deals with focus and activation, and how to stay keyed in on the material you need.

Attendees use this three pronged approach in an interactive exercise that demonstrates to them that there is no such thing as a good or bad memory just a trained or an untrained one.

The participants are taught the difference between a trained and an untrained memory and armed with this knowledge will have the ability too.

· Do presentations without notes

· Have facts and figures at their mental finger tips

· Learn how to use their memory and the techniques shared to make a powerful first impression

· Remember names and key information shared by clients and staff

· Learn how to share information with clients and staff in a way that will dramatically increase the listeners retention of key information

· Remember important information from meetings and written material

· Reduce stress

· Become a more effective networker


About The Speaker:  Matthew Goerke is regarded as one of America’s leading experts in the field of Memory Development. He has shared with thousands of business professionals from all walks of life the techniques for developing an instant recall memory with results that can only be described as amazing. Matthew has worked with such well known speakers as Zig Ziglar, Ed Forman, Vic Conant and Tony Robbins.

He has trained executives from corporations including AT&T, Prudential, Exxon, Wells Fargo, Merck Pharmaceutical and Coldwell Banker, and government agencies such as the United States Postal Service and the Defense Department. Matthew has also had a tremendous impact in educational settings, having personally trained thousands of students and teachers at all academic levels.

Matthew is the developer of the “Memory Switch Program” the most utilized program of its kind ever developed and for that reason is a sought after guest and has appeared on hundreds of radio and television talk shows.


“There is no such thing as a bad memory just an untrained one”


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