The Pennsylvania Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (PBFAA)
is a trade association that promotes the use
of reliable electronic life safety and security systems.

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Our Code of Ethics

(Revised 9/14/95, Effective 1/1/96)

1. We shall work together to improve, maintain and make available to the public the highest quality of security and supervisory alarm services.

2. We shall use our best efforts to:

a. Promote friendly business relations and mutual confidence among our members.

b. Disseminate information to our members and encourage methods to keep them abreast of new developments and technologies in our industry.

c. Provide forums in which our members may fairly and lawfully exchange ideas and experiences that will enable them to protect and promote their business interest and their ability to furnish their clients with the highest quality of security and supervisory alarm service.

3. We shall present our qualifications and proposals to prospective clients soley in terms of our ability, experience, and reputation, which shall be fairly and accurately stated.

4. We shall train our employees so they clearly understand company and association operations, procedures, and policies and are qualified to implement them in their work and explain them to their clients.

5. We shall apply uniform and equitable standards of employment opportunity in accordance with federal state and local laws.

6. We shall conduct our dealings with our clients, prospective clients, competitors, and employees of competitors in a manner consistent with applicable law and generally recognized standards of ethical and acceptable business practice. In particular, when in contact with a potential client who is serviced by another company and they are interested in changing to your company, you will:

a. Advise them that they may have obligations under their current agreement.

b. If you do contract with the client for alarm services, you will only utilize customer owned equipment or equipment provided by your company.

c. Notify the prevlous company before or at the time of the transfer of services to avoid unnecessary service calls or dispatches.

7. We shall abide by all local, state, and federal laws and codes applicable to our industry. Through our Association, we shall make our professional knowledge, experience and recommendations available to legislative and regulatory bodies having jurisdiction over our industry. In particular, we will comply with all local and state requirements regarding licenses, permits, and inspections whenever required.

8. We shall install security and supervisory alarm equipment in conformity with this Association's Minimum Installation Standards.

9. All references to our services and products and the advertising thereof shall be truthful, accurate, and in full compliance with the spirit and purpose of all applicable legal requirements. All claims with respect to the quality of our services or products shall be based upon proven experience or generally accepted testing procedures. Our advertising will offer our products and services on their positive merits and will refrain from disparaging competitors or other products.

10. All equipment, designs, installation methods and client operating instructions will be done in a manner to minimize the likelihood of the unnecessary dispatch of emergency authorities. We will cooperate in the efforts of the industry and other recognized authorities in the reduction of unnecessary emergency dispatches.

11. As a member of the Electronic Security Association, we recognize that Association's Code of Ethics and agree to abide by them.

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