The Pennsylvania Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (PBFAA)
is a trade association that promotes the use
of reliable electronic life safety and security systems.

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Incorporated in 1979, the PBFAA began earlier with informal meetings of security company owners and managers who sat down to formulate plans for a trade association that would help promote the use of electronic security systems, and one that would provide a means of protecting consumers from disreputable alarm companies.

From that small group of dedicated individuals has arisen the statewide organization known as the Pennsylvania Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (PBFAA). The PBFAA has acquired a reputation as a source of consumer information, it is known as a creator of professional standards designed to upgrade the service of its members in providing security for the public.

Creation of Standards:

As the Association prepared for incorporation, its members decided to establish minimum installation standards, the first alarm association to do so. That meant that, for the first time, a group of competitors created standards which each agreed to follow and uphold. The goal in establishing these criteria was to make certain that clients would receive better security systems. It provided clients with the means of judging the quality of work.

While there are differences in the type and extent of security systems available from Association members, these PBFAA guidelines provide a benchmark for the consumer to determine if his prospective alarm company has made a public commitment to accepted professional standards. This is a good test of the reliability and quality of any security business.


Membership in the PBFAA is composed of full-time companies whose primary business is the installation and servicing of electronic alarm systems, and of associate and allied members who are suppliers to the industry. General members applicants must show proof of liability insurance and pass experience requirements prior to being accepted into the association. New members also pledge to follow the Association's Code of Ethics, Installation Standards, and agree to abide by the By-Laws.


Meetings of the organization are held on a regional basis. Each of the PBFAA's five geographical regions hold monthly meetings. These forums include a business session and an informative educational program with varied speakers who address topics of interest to PBFAA members. Subjects include sales, legal issues, technical information, and business ideas.

Continuing Education:

As one of the leading regional alarm associations, PBFAA has contributed its support to the development of the National Training School of the Electronic Security Association (formerly NBFAA). Since the first PBFAA National Training School, held at York College in July 1985, the Association has conducted numerous schools.

In addition, educational seminars available to member companies help to support professional standards, a commitment of the PBFAA.

A PBFAA State Convention is held as a means of uniting the industry in its efforts toward consumer protection, information and education. These meetings held annually since 1982, have taken place in cities throughout the state. Exhibitors actively participate in these conferences, and worthwhile seminars are offered to attendees.


A state Board of Directors conducts the affairs of the organization between annual meetings. Geographic representation is assured as each region elects a Regional Director to the state board. In addition, two Associate members are selected by the membership to represent our suppliers. The four state officers and the past president complete the roster of this state board, which meets quarterly.


It is apparent that those members of the security community who are active, participating members of the Pennsylvania Burglar and Fire Alarm Association are those who are most concerned with providing the best professional services and the finest quality security for their clients. The Association represents excellence in security and superior service to the public. The PBFAA pledges to continue its support of the police and fire services in their efforts to protect the community.

PBFAA Mission:

To promote the extensive use of professional electronic security services to consumers and authorities having jurisdiction, in order to provide reliable life safety and property protection through:

  • Educating our industry to maintain professional standards,
  • Serving as an advocate with a strong and unified voice in legislative issues; and
  • Providing a forum for the exchange of ideas.

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